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Learn how to use your mind to become happier and create the life you want.

All change starts from within, as it's our inner blocks that prevent us from going where we want and getting what we need from life. Empowerment & Motivational Coaching will teach you simple techniques to discover the true you, to tap into and unlock your hidden dreams, goals, aspirations and desires, and to move towards the endless possibilities that await you in your life, creating a more positive and fulfilling future. by changing old thought patterns, learned behaviours and beliefs.

Once you learn to become a master of your mind you can then become a master of your life.  What you believe is who you are, and what you become is the result of your beliefs, your thoughts and your actions, nothing more, nothing less.  Learn how to change old thought patterns, learned behaviours and beliefs, creating the future you want, not settling for the present circumstances in which you live.  Learn to move forwards in your life, instead of repeating the cycles of the past.

In this present day and age of longer work hours, increased stress, family pressures and commitments, lack of financial stability and an overload of technology, it is not surprising that many people are starting to question their true life's purpose, and also why the unending cycle of chasing more more more, creates the inner feeling of less less less.

Empowerment & Motivational Coaching will give you the tools to improve the quality of your life. Lucie will use simple and effective techniques to support you in becoming more productive, balanced and focused, finding harmony in that part of you that you thought you'd lost.

Lucie Burns has worked for a number of years as an 
Empowerment, Confidence and Motivational Therapeutic Coach, Personal Development Worker, Business Coach, Group and Family Practitioner and Creative Therapeutic Specialist.  She has developed techniques to encourage self belief, self empowerment and positive attitudinal changes, which when used on a daily basis, can create lasting change and effects in one's life. 

Lucie runs one to one empowerment and motivational sessions for people who wish to make positive changes within their lives.

Telephone or Skype sessions are also available for people who find it difficult to attend regular one to one appointments.

For information and session rates contact;
+44 (0)7947 847898 or positiveprogressions@live.com

'Today is the first day of the rest of your life, decide to make the change and live a different tomorrow.'


I couldn't have done anything I have done without the inspiration you imparted on me. You helped me see the rewards of working with other young people and how much they teach you and what I could give to them. I only hope I could be half the person you are.
(RK )

I contacted Lucie Burns to help when we were struggling with our marriage. She came to see us and spoke to us individually and also together about how we were feeling.  She quickly pointed out a few things that we hadn’t realised and that made us feel a lot better.  She made suggestions but was not judgemental, she just helped us communicate.  She was very supportive and understanding and at no point did we feel uncomfortable.  She has been extremely helpful and continues to support us.  (EC)  

After a year of one loss after another, I was rock bottom, sad and confused. Talking everything through with Lucie helped me find strength and optimism, partly because she really did listen to my pain, but also because she was able to help me to see so clearly where I was in life and to discover ways forward for my own self.   She never once took over or made light of my problems, but she did help me with her insights and reassurance to lift my self-esteem and to see that actually I was doing ok, and how to take further steps towards constructive and lasting acceptance, but also how to embrace change and re-find the courage to enable me to do this. (K.B)

I’ve known Lucie for 4 years.  In this time, she helped me understand myself in many ways. (SC)

 Lucie has been such an inspiration to my life. She has helped me in more ways than one. All you need is someone who won't judge you but somehow knows what to say. They don't always make you feel better about situations but they help you feel better about yourself, which then controls the situation, whichever one that may be. There are so many life lessons Lucie has helped me find and explore myself. She taught me how to be me, which is the best thing anyone can give and the nicest thing I've received. (DC)

Lucie has been there to support me since my first day at ‘……’. Lucie has guided me mentally, physically and emotionally by teaching me the ways of positive thinking, inspirational quotes and above all a listening ear.  She has helped me control my stress levels and my self-confidence has been drastically improved due to her unconditional support and belief in myself and my abilities.  In addition, Lucie has been a brilliant mentor, as she emanates warmth, care and compassion.  (JS)

Your positive energy has helped me get out of a dark tunnel and into the light.  I feel fantastic. You are inspirational. Thank you.  (KS)


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